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Material for the Course “Introduction to genome-wide association studies (GWAS)”

Instructors: Filippo Biscarini, Oscar Gonzalez-Recio, Christian Werner

This course will introduce students, researchers and professionals to the steps needed to build an analysis pipeline for Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS). The course will describe all the necessary steps involved in a typical GWAS study, which will then be used to build a reusable and reproducible bioinformatics pipeline.

Each day the course will start at 14:00 and end at 20:00 (CET). As a general rule, we’ll have a longer break (30 minutes) at 16:00 and two shorter breaks (10-15 minutes) later on during the day (to be decided flexibly depending on the sessions).

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Organization of the Code for the practical Sessions

  1. the GWAS workflow in R
  2. preparatory_steps: download and prepare the data
  3. preprocessing: filter the data
  4. imputation: imputing missing genotypes
  5. gwas: run the GWAS models
  6. power_and_significance: designing GWAS experiments
  7. steps: identifying the individual steps involved in a GWAS study
  8. pipeline: assembling the individual steps into a bioinformatics pipeline for GWAS
  9. collaborative exercise: trying out what we learnt on new data